10 game websites for children you need to know

10 kid's games websites that you should know

There is a series of children's website. On these sites they can play alone or with other remote users. Here are some of the sites of games and entertainment for children on the internet:

Educational Games:
  1. www.jeuxenfants.fr
  2. www.tidou.fr
  3. www.simply-land.com
  4. www.jeux-pour-enfants.com
  5. www.jeuxpourtoutpetit.com
  6. www.lesjeuxgratuits.fr/jeux-enfant.phpà
  7. www.fr.hellokids.com/r_19/jeux-en-ligne-gratuits
Other Games:
  1. www.jeunesse.tv5monde.com/jouer
  2. www.miniclip.com
  3. www.y8.com

Please try them out and let us know what you think.