11 online dictionaries you need to know

11 online dictionaries you may need at any time

Almost any former student knows the importance of a dictionary especially when you are writing something or reading something. When you need some clarification on some definitions, meaning, translations of a word.

There you go! The dictionaries answer this and are sometimes available on the internet.

Here is a small list of dictionaries that you can find online:
  1. www.larousse.fr
  2. www.oxford.com
  3. www.encarta.fr
  4. www.le-dictionnaire.com
  5. www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires
  6. www.dictionnaire.reverso.net
  7. www.les-dictionnaires.com
  8. www.les-dicos.com
  9. www.linternaute.com/dictionnaire/fr/
  10. www.francaisfacile.com/dictionnaires.php
  11. www.synonymes.com
Go try these dictionaries and share with us your experience.